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My name is Liubov Reynolds and I am a jewellery designer.
Consistently, over the years, buyers and retail customers have congratulated us on having not only the best and most beautiful exhibit of amber jewellery, but also of all the jewellery exhibits in the show. We were presented with the ‘Best Booth’ award in Tucson in 2012 and in Canada at C.N.E. as well.
I have participated in many different shows in Canada:
1. Canadian Gem and Jewellery sows.
Rockhound Gemboree - Bancroft Ontario
3. Toronto Gem and Mineral shows
C.N.E. (Canadian National shows)
4. International home shows
5. Women shows
Green living show in Toronto.
6.  Cristmas shows
Planning to participate in the following International shows:
1. The biggest show in Arizona 
U.S.A. International Gem and Jewellry (TGMS) - 2022
2. Jogs Gem and Jewellry show - 2022
3. Kalamazoo Show at  International Congress off  Medieval  Studies - 2022
Our products are very unique for North America and we have them in big variety.
We will inform you about our future shows and events.
Please contact me by phone: 1-416-505-1781




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