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was founded by Luba Tarasova in 1999 in Kaliningrad Russia, source of 92% of the world’s Baltic amber.  Luba, one of the world’s preeminent designers of fine Baltic amber jewelry, now has over twenty artisans in Kaliningrad who handcraft the jewelry she designs, and this is imported into Canada and the United States.  Our company is a registered business in Canada and Ontario. 

Over the years our amber has been exhibited and sold in many venues both in North America and abroad:

Starting first with sales in boutiques in Kaliningrad itself, our jewelry has been sold in numerous fine boutiques and shops in the United States (e.g., Kristalle in Laguna Beach, CA), Canada (e.g., the former Heftner Boutique in Toronto’s Yorkville), and abroad (e.g., Luxor and Cairo Egypt).

We have supplied amber jewelry for a number of prestigious museum stores in the United States (e.g., New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and the University of Pennsylvania Museum).
Over the years we have exhibited our amber jewelry in many major gem and jewelry shows each year (e.g., New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Tucson, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Washington DC,  Boston, Pittsburgh, Wilmington, New Orleans, Miami Beach, Tampa, Memphis, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Baltimore, Milwaukee, St. Paul MN, Santa Barbara, Costa Mesa, Long Beach, San Mateo CA, Richmond VA, Milwaukee, Marlboro MA, Albuquerque, Kalamazoo Michigan, and elsewhere).  Consistently buyers and retail customers have congratulated us on having not only the best and most beautiful exhibit of amber jewelry but also of all the jewelry exhibits.  Their enthusiasm was recently confirmed in the enormous Tucson shows when G&LW (with very large shows in the Holidome, Gem Mall, and Roadway) presented us with their ‘Best Booth Award.’  Moreover, we are constantly invited by show organizers in the United States to exhibit because our jewelry lends such color and beauty to their exhibitions.
Our jewelry has often been featured on television programs: (e.g. CBS San Antonio TX, and frequently the President of the International Gem and Jewelry Shows, Arnold Duke, positions himself in front of our exhibit to promote his shows on TV.)  Roger  has also been invited to give a number of lectures in the United States on amber production and jewelry and has contributed large illustrated articles to the National Post in Canada on the Amber Room in Pushkin Russia and the recovered treasures lost during World War II from the great castle in Königsberg/Kaliningrad, the last known resting place of the original Amber Room stolen by the Germans.
In December 2007 in an audience with Pope Benedict  XVI at the Vatican Luba presented him with a rosary of rare royal amber and spoke with him about 'Bernstein' and old Königsberg.  Then in 2008 Miss USA/Texas wore one of our necklaces for the pageant in Las Vegas. And finally our jewelry was recently featured in Cannes, France, at the Festival de l'Art Russe.
Our latest endeavors have been shows on Canada’s national The Shopping Channel (Channel 19) and on the U.S. Jewelry Shopping Network (Channel 228).  The success of our shows has been phenomenal and has lead to thirty shows in 2011.  Consistently there have been ‘sell-outs’ during the shows themselves. 
As for our amber jewelry, we have carried well over 6,000 varieties over the years.  These include classic pieces in over 200 varieties of faceted and non-faceted, ‘chunky,’ and  ‘plastene’ (panelled) versions, all in hundreds of colors ranging from dark cherry and royal (butterscotch) to green and light citrine, together with unusual types such as raw amber jewelry, ‘nougat’ or ‘candy’ jewelry, and ‘dark-transparent’ jewelry.  We are especially proud and widely known for our ‘bisser’ or seed-bead woven amber jewelry.  This type is almost never found outside Russia since few artisans can or want to handcraft this labour-intensive type of jewelry.


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