Amber Only : Tarasova Collection
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Our logo consists of reversible TC (Tarasova Collection) and AO (Amber Only).
It also contains the name TAPACOBA in Cyrillic letters.

Amber has been crafted into jewelry since pre-historic times, and legends about its magical and curative powers have abounded since antiquity when amber was said to be the tears of Gods. Today amber comes from many areas of the earth but that from the Baltic-Sea area, dating back to the Eocene period of approximately 55 million years ago, continues to be the most precious and sought-after amber.


The medieval capital of East Prussia, old Königsberg, now Kaliningrad and its region in modern Russia, continues to produce over 90% of the world’s finest Baltic amber, used by Russian, Polish and Lithuanian jewelers, and Kaliningrad is the source of the amber in the Tarasova Collection.


The Tarasova Collection of Amber Only consists of fine amber jewelry, beads, carvings, souvenir items, and insect inclusions. Amber appears naturally in over 350 colors, and many of these are represented in the Collection, as well as specially worked pieces such as intricate woven seed-bead colliers, faceted, hand-sculpted, dark-transparent, raw, 'nougat', and antique sun spangle amber (the medieval Gold of the North). The Tarasova Collection produces special pieces such as reproductions of historic amber jewelry for museums in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. The Tarasova Collection has also sold its pieces to stores, boutiques, and individuals throughout North and Central America, Western and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.  Our amber is also featured on the Canadian National ‘the Shopping Channel’ and on the Gem Shopping Network in the United States.  


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